How To Pin Someone On Snapchat From Android

If you're an Android user, you may be wondering how to pin someone on Snapchat. It's actually a pretty easy process, and in this blog post we'll walk you through the steps. Keep reading for all the details!

How To Pin Someone On Snapchat From Android
How To Pin People On Snapchat

  1. Follow these steps to pin someone on snapchat android:
  2. open the Snapchat app and make sure you're logged into your account
  3. find the person you want to pin and tap on their name
  4. in the top right corner of the screen, tap on the three dots icon
  5. from the drop-down menu, select "Pin"
  6. confirm that you want to pin the person by tapping "OK"

And that's it! Now you know how to pin someone on Snapchat so they'll always be at the top of your chat list. Thanks for reading and happy snapping!


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