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How To Fix Windows 11 error 0xc0000098 | File boot BCD 0xc0000098

How to fix File boot BCD 0xc0000098 error in Windows 11?

We are going to fix File boot BCD error 0xc0000098 in Windows 11. Some users had encountered Windows boot error 0xc0000098 after upgrading to Windows 11. There are several reasons for occurring this error. A similar error code will show on your PC screen "Your PC/Device Needs To Be Repaired The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry.

File: \Boot\BCD.

Error code: 0xc0000098.

How to fix File boot BCD 0xc0000098 error in Windows 11?
Fix Corrupt BCD Error on Windows 11

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The causes of error 0xc0000098 in Windows might be a hardware or a software issue. If your hard drive is working good and you don't have any other Hardware issues then don't worry because this isn't a hardware issue, this might be a Software issue anyway let's talk about how to fix it.

We are going to fix the 0xc0000098 error in windows 11 in some easy and simple steps and your PC/device will be okay.

1:) Boot up your PC

2:) Then go to the Troubleshoot > Advance Options

3:) You can use the Startup Repair but it worked very rarely to fix anything on windows so it will be better if we don't use it.

4:) You can fix this error with two methods.
  1. Command Prompt
  2. System Restore
  3. Reset Your PC

FIX File boot BCD 0xc0000098 Error In Windows 11 by Using Command Prompt

The better and easier way to fix  File boot BCD error 0xc0000098 in windows 11 is using Command Prompt.

There are some commands to follow.
Note: Press Enter After Every Command

1:)  We will use Command Prompt instead of Startup Repair.

2:) First we need to navigate the command prompt to hard drive C by using this command.


FIX File boot BCD 0xc0000098 Error In Windows 11 by Using Command Prompt

3:) bootrec /fixmbr

4:) bootrec/ fixboot

After this command, if your PC says The Operation Completed Successfully, Then you just need to restart your PC, IF your PC says Access is Denied then we need some more commands to fix this error.

In our case, we find the error Access is Denied so we try some of the following commands described below.

5:) bootsect /nt60 sys

This will say Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes. So, we can try the previous command bootrec/ fixboot again. The operation will be successful this time.

Now we are going to try the new command,

6:) bcdedit /export c:\bcdbackup

7: bootrec /rebuildbcd

This action will scan all disk drives of your computer.

 Now you just need to reboot your PC and Hopefully this method will solve your problem.

Fix File boot BCD 0xc0000098 By System Restore

If the upper solution will not work for you, then you can try solving Windows 11 0xc0000098 error by System Restore. Just open the troubleshoot with the previous method and click on System Restore.

Follow these steps.

1:) System Restore > Restore System File and settings > Click next

2:) Select the " working PC " file > click next

Fix File boot BCD 0xc0000098 By System Restore

3:) Your PC will be restored and your problem will be solved. If the restoration isn't running then you need to go back to your computer and enable it.

Fix Windows 11 File boot BCD error 0xc0000098 by Reset your PC

This is our last hope to fix the windows 11 File Boot BCD error. This is the most simple method to fix this error.

Fix Windows 11 File boot BCD error 0xc0000098 by Reset your PC
Reset PC Without losing data

1:) Open Troubleshoot > Reset this PC

2:) Click on Reset this PC

3:) You can either keep your data saved or can erase everything from your computer. If you want to keep your data save then select Keep my Files.

4:) Click on Cloud download and this will make your PC reset and back it into its default settings.
You won't lose your programs it will tell exactly all your program details in a list.

Hope these methods will be helpful in fixing file boot BCD error 0xc0000098. If these methods still don't work then it might be your computer Hardware problem.

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