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Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By 4 Easy Methods

How to increase internet speed in Windows 7 - Low-End PC

We are going to talk about some simple and easy steps to increase your internet speed on a Laptop or Computer For Windows 7. These tips are Really Working and you can use your pc internet smoother and faster. You can increase internet speed on a low-end pc with these simple steps.

Increase Your Windows 7 Low End PC/Laptop Internet Speed
Fix Slow Internet Speed Windows 7

Here are some easy methods to speed up the internet connection in Windows 7 64 bit/Windows 7 32 bit.

1- Increase Internet Speed By Using The Internet Speed Limiter

This is the first and most easy step to boost up your internet speed by changing or disabling its speed limit. You can also limit internet speed in windows 7. You can also limit the internet speed by using speed limiter. Follow the steps below.

1:) Click on the windows button and type " run " in the search bar.

Increase Internet Speed By Disabling The Internet Speed Limiter

2:) RUN software will open and then you have to type " GPedit.msc " and press the ok button.

3:) The Local Group Policy Editor Will Open. Click on The Computer Configuration Button.

4:) Click On the Administrative template.

5:) Click on Network.

6:) Click on Qos Packet Scheduler.

7:) Click Limit Receivable Bandwidth.

8:) The limit receivable bandwidth tab will open and you can limit your internet speed in windows 7. 
You Just Need To Click On Disable and then Apply the Settings.

These were some simple and easy steps to boost your windows 7 internet speed. This method will work in windows 64bit and 32bit versions. You can also limit your windows 7 internet speed by using this method.

2- Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By Using DNS Server

The second method of increasing low-end PC internet speed is by using DNS Server. We are doing this method by changing the IP address of our DNS server. The DNS server doesn't directly help in improving the internet speed but it can increase the speed of loading a webpage in your browser. Although changing the DNS server of your Router is really helpful in increasing the internet speed. This method is helpful for all versions of windows.
Here are some simple steps to follow:

1:) Open your window's tab and go to your control panel.

2:) In the Network and Internet select, View Network Status And Tasks.

Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By Using DNS Server

3:) Your basic internet settings will open and you need to click on Connections whether you are using a Cabled OR a Wireless connection.

4:) A new tab will open and you have to click on Properties.

5:) In your next tab you have to click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

6:) Here is the final tab where we have to do the following changes.
  • Select Use The Following DNS Server Addresses
  • Now you have to enter this IP address in front of the Preferred DNS Server. 
  • Now enter in front of the Alternate DNS Server.
  • Click OK and your settings will be saved.
Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By Using DNS Server
After saving the settings close all the tabs and restart your PC/Laptop to apply the settings. This method will boost your Router and browser speed. This method is helpful for both Windows 7 32/64 bit versions.

3- Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By Using CMD Command Prompt

This is a very simple and mostly used method to increase internet speed by using CMD. There are very simple CMD commands to fix the internet and you can increase PC speed by using CMD. Although Comand Prompt method is simple but cautious because if you use any wrong command it could be harmful to your PC. There are some easy steps to follow.

1:) Open your Command Prompt (CMD) and Run as administrator.

2:) This will ask you to give permission to do some changes to your computer so, don't worry and click yes.

3:) Click in the command prompt panel and paste the following code regsvr32 actxprxy.dill

Increase Your Windows 7 Internet Speed By Using CMD

4:) Once you put the code now just press the Enter button and it will save the settings.

After saving the settings you just need to restart your PC to apply the settings. With this method, you can boost your internet speed 2X faster.

4- Double up your internet speed by using system.ini OR Windows Shell

You can boost your internet speed in windows 7 by using systems.ini. This is an initialization system
by Microsoft windows and it helps in loading drivers and the default windows shell program. Basically, we are going to boost our internet speed by using the Windows shell with changes of some txt files.
Just follow these simple steps.

1:) Open your window's tab.

2:) Search RUN and open it.

3:) Type system.ini and hit enter.

4:) A txt file will open and you just need to replace some code in the txt file and replace it with the code given below. Just copy and paste the code in the txt file.


page buffer=1000000Tbps

Double up your internet speed by using system.ini OR Windows Shell

These methods are very helpful for increasing the internet speed of low-end PC. These methods are more useful for Windows 7 and old Microsoft windows versions.

Restart Your PC After Saving your settings otherwise, the changes will not take effect instantly.

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