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Top 50 Old Games For PC - Pc Old Games

Most Popular Old Games For PC 

Mostly People Play games in their childhood and they want to play them again. So there is a list of old games for pc.

Top 100 Old Games For PC - Pc Old Games

There is a list of more than 100 old pc games to play.

 Rampage Series

1:) Rampage World Tour MIDWAY (1997)

This is an old Rampage game. There is a King kong in this game. King Kong climb on the buildings, Walk on the roads, and smash people and buildings. 
There are police to stop you, The policemen fire on king kong, to stop him. If you lose your health line you still have two extra lives to play again. The more you smash buildings, the more you get a high score.

2:) Captain Commando (1991)
Publisher(s): CAPCOM

This is the best Action game of the '90s (nineties). You have the character of commander in this game and you need to kill your enemies on your way. You can use fire and punches to defeat your enemies.

3:) Caveman Ninja (1991)
Publisher(s): DATA EAST

This is the best Funny game in which you have to reach your destination point to win the game. You have many cavemen and Godzilla on your way to stop you from going to your destination point. You can use caveman armors to defeat them.

4:) Windjammers (1994)
Publisher(s): DATA EAST

This is an old Multiplayer game in which you can play with other players and with a PC too. In this game, you play with a plate. You throw the plate and the opponent catches it, if anyone cannot catch the plate he lose his points. To win this game you need to achieve more points from your opponent on different levels.

Strider Series

5:) Strider (1989)
Publisher(s): CAPCOM

This is the best action old game for PC. You have a character land on a base of enemies and you need to go to your destination point by killing all the enemies in your way.

6:) Aliens (1990)
Publisher(s): KONAMI

This is the best Nintendo old game for PC. You have to fight with aliens in this game. you can use a machine gun to kill the aliens. At the Endpoint, you need to fight with the mother alien to win the game.

7:) E-Swat Cyber Police (1989)
Publisher(s): SEGA

This is the best old video game for the player who likes to play action games. In this game you need to clear the enemies from the White House, to protect the President. You can get bullets from the building to kill your enemies.

8:) Shock Troopers (1997)
Publisher(s): SAURUS

This is an Action hero old arcade game.
You have to kill an army of another country. There are Tanks and helicopters in your way to stop you.

9:) Street Hoop (1994)
Publisher(s): DATA EAST

This is the best basketball game of the '90s. There are two separate country teams in the match. you need to win the final match to win the game.

10:) The Punisher (1993)
Publisher(s): CAPCOM

This is the best old Ninja game. There are many ninja players to kill you and there is a white big cat in the game which I like very much. You can use a gun and your punches to defeat the enemies. 

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