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How To Make A PC/Laptop Programs Run Faster In Windows 7

Programs taking a long time to open in windows 7 Problem Fix

If you are using a low-end PC/laptop then you have to face a slower working issue with your computer. This might be a problem with your hardware or it should be a software issue anyways let's talk about how to fix these issues.

We are going to talk about how we can make your computer programs open and run faster and I will share some tips to make your PC/laptop run faster.

If you are facing the problem of taking a long time to open programs or your PC is stuck while opening or using programs then you can simply increase your program opening speed by removing its animation time but if this method will not help you then we will fix it with every simple code. So, follow the given method below.

1:) Select the program you want to make it open and run faster.

2:) Right-click on it and go to its properties.

Make sure that you are changing settings in the desired shortcut, not its original program

3:) click in front of the Target > click on space button > and paste the code /prefetch:1.

4:) Apply settings and restart your PC/laptop to settings take effect.

you can make any of your programs open and run faster in window 7 with this method. 
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