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🔥Top 30 Location To Find Spider Man Web Shooters in PUBG 1.8.0

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Spiderman Web Shooter Locations Map

After the most recent update of PUBG Mobile 1.8.0, the new event of Spider-Man has been launched which you can play in Erangle and Livik. You need a spider web shooter to play as spiderman in PUBG Mobile. I will tell you the most popular location where you can find spiderman web-shooters.

Spider Man Web Shooters in PUBG 1.8.0
WebShooter Locations in BGMI

So, in the PUBG Mobile new update 1.8 a lot of new features such as the spiderman PUBG Mobile
collaboration. So, I think Mylta Power is the biggest hot drop right now because this is where the spiderman fight takes place and once the fight is done you can find three red creates. When you will open these red crates this will give you pretty decent loot but most importantly it gives you web-shooters which you can use to swing all around the map, just like the spider-man but always remembers that you can still take fall damage when you fall off from the high ground.

In PUBG Mobile Spider No Way Home you'll also get a spiderweb ball which will slow down your enemy's movement speeds when they go through these pretty useless just like a flash grenade. in my opinion, however, since there are only three crates here you will only get three web-shooters. This is the reason why Mylta Power is a hot drop now. But don't worry there are other spiderman web shooter locations where you can get these items from all around the map.

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